On The 254th Day of the 2012th Year DrDaMour Wrote
If you live around novi and have ever crossed the intersection at 9 mile rd & novi rd you've probably seen this house:

It's on the north west corner, it's super mod and had a lot of water damage when it hit the market about a year ago because it's a flat roof in michigan!

So i was super surprised to find in one of my blogs an article that they had built a lego model of that exact house:

You can see more about it at Lego.com.

That's pretty cool, a house so popular they built a lego model after it, man i wish i had bought it!

But there's of course more to the story. The model is named Villa Savoie because that's the name of the original house built back in the 20's in france:

You can read more about that model at wikipedia.org.

It is of course interesting to note that the original suffered from water damage as well. Very cool that someone replicated it, but what a flawed concept.

Finally, i can't find the old MLS listing text for the house (those things go down the memory hole fast the most recent i could find was at http://www.realestateone.com/homes/210032382_MIRC-43420_9_Mile_Rd_W-Novi-MI-48375) but it didn't mention anything about this which i find rather comical.
On The 207th Day of the 2012th Year DrDaMour Wrote
what did it take for me to post for the first time in years? a great movie with an awful flaw.

You like i probably saw the dark knight rises last weekend. You probably liked it, but didn't love it, and you certainly walked out saying either the first or second one was better. You may even not have known why you didn't like it so much, it had all the key things a great movie needs. Well i knew what i thought it was missing, and i'll prove it to you.

From the title you can probably guess what my gripe with this film was: CATWOMAN. It took me a while (which is about 5 minutes) to realize why i was so unhappy with all of her scenes while watching them. but when it struck, man did it strike! every single scene catwoman was in was either unnecessary completely to the overall plot of the film or contained catwoman for superfluous reasons. Let's examine them all as best as i can remember them. I only saw the film once so far (and when i searched for plot info, catwoman info was super sparse...I WONDER WHY???), and yes i'm probably going to spoil some stuff for you so beware.

Opening scenes with her bringing wayne his food with the ulterior motive of stealing some pearl necklace and a ulterior ulterior motive of getting fingerprints. As far as i can tell this exists to establish the following:

(1) introduce us to catwoman.

(2) explain how wayne is howard hugh's in it.

(3) steal the necklace and get wayne to track them

(4) get wayne interested in the outside world

(5) get bane the fingerprints.

And now for the smackdown of uselessness:

(1) If i'm saying a character was worthless, then she certainly doesn't need an introduction no matter how many times she can jump out of a window backwards or kick a cripples cane.

(2) they established this in the opening scenes with the commentary, the fact that he was a shadow up on the mansion roof, and via any random maid bringing him food

(3) the tracking is only important if the latter scenes are important, so lets see

(4) bane would get him interested no matter what. bane was going to make him broke, steal his armory, trap him, break his back. bane would have got batman out of retirement no matter what. and if you try to argue that batman wouldn't have gotten the heads up on him and going after the stock exchange heist, that EASILY could have been explained by alfred going "Mr wayne, transactions are being made for you behind your back that are very strange".

(5) listen, you don't need fingerprints to make fake financial transactions. this was by far the weakest plot point in the entire film and OBVIOUSLY was put in to make it seem that catwoman was more important than she was. so a complete point just to make a character we don't need more important is by definition not needed for a movie.

Next scene i remember was her devlivering the fingerprints, which establishes:

(1) catwoman is super clever

(2) catwoman can kick ass

(3) catwoman wants something specific from her employers

Wow, i mean, clearly this is easy to debunk:

(1) if the character doesn't matter, it doesn't matter how clever she is

(2) if the character doesn't matter, it doesn't matter how much ass she kicks

(3) ok, maybe her desire will drive the plot in some way important and pay off. let's see.

(if you're counting at home, we have maybe the pearls matter, maybe the desire for something matters).

That party scene (i think this was next, maybe her putting on the pearls was next..but that was just "she's good looking" fluff) establishes

(1) sexual tension between bruce and catwoman

(2) batman is out of practice

(3) the payoff of tracking the pearls (finding where catwoman lives was also a payoff, but there's a million ways to figure out where she lived/who she was without the pearls, tracking her to a party was the big payoff)

(4) the revolution will not be SOLD!! ~ KRS-One & Catwoman

and the synopsis of uselessness:

(1) ok, this is another that maaaay have a payoff...if i gave a crap about batmans romances which i don't unless it causes him to act AKA when he beat the shit outta joker to save rachel "WHERE ARE THEY!!" a fucking glorious movie scene that i can watch a million times. So we'll pay attention if the fact that he would possibly like to stick his weiner in her pussy (PUN!) matters.

(2) wasn't this the point of the first hour and a half? didn't every character say this (alfred clearly did, luxious: you usualy ask me something crazy at the end of these coversations, him limping around, oh and Bane's AWESOME monologue about how victory has softened him). Superfluous much? Yes she stole his ticket and got his car...and yes that was funny...and batman isn't supposed to be funny, you know that right? and even if it is, jokes are easy

(3) wow, so he found her via these pearls. so..strike one possible important plot point off, replaced with the possible importance of the desire of the bat for the cat

(4) ok, some people are upset the rich are rich, especially (only so far) catwoman. let's track this one.

I think the next scene with her was in daggerts house watching the batman chase bane after the exchange heist (by the way, how did it get dark. the exchange closes at 4, it gets dark at liek 7 earliest, he chased him for 3 hours?). This scene establishes:

(1) what catwoman wants, the eraser program (the one from that arnold schwarznegger movie)

(2) daggart doesn't have the program and won't be giving it to her

(3) daggart was interested in the exchange heist

(4) the mastermind of the fingerprint thievery was infact daggart (now the audience knows at least, she always knew)

and let's just shread all this:

(1) yes we already established she wants something, and in fact it's probably a mcguffin, let's see if it pays off

(2) ok, he didn't give it to her in the bar, it's pretty clear he's not giving it to her

(3) this one is interesting cause it drives a scene later when she says literally: "Daggart was interseted in that heist!". great dialogue. that gets batman to daggarts at some point and they fight on the roof i think...ok. i'll cover the worthlessness of her in that scene next..but let me make this clear here's how we could have figured out daggart was behind the bane heist: first we know bane was hired by daggart, second we know daggart gains a lot from wayne going boke thus it's logical to conclude that bane banckrupted wayne for daggart and he would have gone there anyways.

(4) hm, again the fingerprints are stupid and unecessary..so if i cut them, why do i need to know this? i need to know daggart had bane bankrupt wayne, the means are immaterial to the overall plot.

quick score check, we may care about: catwomans desire for the eraser/schwarznegger program, the revlolution, & bats possibly banging cats

so next scene was that roof fight scene, it establishes:

(1) catwoman can raise her legs really high (but we'll get an even better example of this before the movie ends).

(2) they kind of fight good together

(3) bane is working for daggart/daggart is wokring for bane

let's see how these were un-important:

(1) this is comical, but not important at all unless raising her legs does something important. much more likely spreading her legs will matter more.

(2) def could matter, will they team up and beat some baddies as only their team can do? maybe

(3) bane killing daggart establishes this once and for all, and batman already knew bane worked for daggart, with daggart dead/missing it'd be clear bane was in charge.

i know i missed some scene where catwoman and holly laugh and hug and do borderline lesbian stuff, this does establish something even with it's trivialness

(1) catwoman kind of wants a revolution

(2) holly may be a lesbian

and quickly:

(1) this was established in the party scene already, but reinforced, so this only matters if that matters

(2) holly is def a lesbian, this is important in the comics and society, this movie just tip toes around it...

that scene was so worthless i can't even remember when it happened, and theoretically it could have happened at ANY POINT IN THE MOVIE, that is a great test for a scene:

writer: i wrote this scene

director: can it happen at any point during the movie

wirter: totally!

director (aparently no nolan this time): um, then it has no consequences or cohesion to the plot. it's worthless

ok, now we get to the scenes that will clearly be everyones argument for the importance of catwoman. wayne visits selena and says lets get me some bane! and then they go to the sewers and get bane, and catwoman tricks batman and he's caught. i'm combining this into 1 long ass scene. and let's be clear, up until that gate comes down is what i'm talking about. No doubt is bane breaking batman's back in full knightfall gloriousness a super important scene in not just this movie but the entier batman lore. anyways, this scene establishes:

(1) cat woman & batman fight good together

(2) cat woman's scruples are questionable at best (she tricked him!)

(3) batman is dissapointed in catwoman

and now the debunking, first let me make it clear. Gordon knew that bane was in the sewars (and how far could it have been from that one entry point really? like 30 meters? and so did robin, he knew where the entry was. all of these character had been talking to each other. batman could have found the lair super easy. so really all catwoman added was letting bane know the bat was coming...which is the exact same thing as the security cameras that they had already established bane having in the sewars. catwoman leading batman to bane's lair was NOT IMPORTANT AT ALL.

(1) ok, great we've been tracking this, but these were little henchmen, batman could have kicked their ass too. maybe if they would have stressed that batman couldn't do it alone, but he clearly could.

(2) oh man, a character struggling between right & wrong. in a movie. imagine!? let's just put this into the pile of, if catwoman matters for any reason, this matters.

(3) this only matters if the sexual tension & desire matters, so we'll keep tracking that. if he has no feelings for her, it doesn't matter that she betrayed him.

so after about a dozen scenes and a couple dozen points we've established that we only care about catwoman if:

a. catwomans desire for the eraser/schwarznegger program

b. the coming revlolution

c. bats possibly banging cats

d. the team of cat and bat fighing crime

now i'm gonna damage b with the next scene, bane's speech, the fact that he's fulfilling ras-al-ghul's desires, he's bringing the revolution destroying all the rich in gotham etc etc. so catwomans desire/foreshadowing were pretty worthless unless she causes something based upon her forshadowing insight later..so b is weak, but it's still in play at least.

the next scene was her trying to run away, and robin catching her establishing:

(1) catwoman can kick ass

(2) robin can cath bad guys

(3) catowman goes to jail

let's cover these points briefly:

(1) we already established this, and we don't care.

(2) ok robin can do stuff good...um this is like 75% of the movie i think. and he doesn't even catch her elequently or cool.

(3) i'm just gonna skip ahead and say, she gets out later and the only thing that happens in between is...a really cool flip thing where she breaks a guys arm or something and her legs go all over the place. superfluous to the extreme (but that cartwheel arm break was kinda cool, i'll give you that)

skip ahead to holly and catwoman "you wanted this revolution" scene, which establishes:

(1) catwoman didn't want this


(1) does her change matter at all at any point, that she wanted the revolution and now doesn't..? i mean i guess batman was right and she was wrong..and...it doesn't matter. maybe if the other things matter this gives her character some internal conflict and depth. thus once again, that entire chain only mattered if she matters...

scene where batman needs her to blow up the cars in front of the tunnel & she blows up the cars in front of the tunnel establishes:

(1) the cars blocking the tunnel are blown up and aren't blocking the tunnel

(2) catwoman gets her schwarznegger eraser program (that movie was awful btw)

(3) should i stay or should i go now

and my thoughts are:

(1) wow...the most literal scene in the movie by far. this would really matter a ton if...ANYONE USED THE TUNNEL AT ALL AFTER THIS POINT (HINT: THEY DON'T!!!).

(2) she gets the eraser program, yay. i don't even thing they mention or show her using it or what it was for? maybe a deleted scene? there was some dialogue about this..but i don't know what it was..

(3) so really all this scene does is show she's struggling with helping batman more or taking off (without her les-bi-friends holly too boot!). anyways, this is the same as sexual tension and the revolution (should she stop it?)

So now we have the following things that matter:

a can cats and bats have kittens?

b does catwomans changed heart of the revolution matter?

c do they fight better together?

ok, the most clearly important cat woman scene in the movie. she shoots off banes head, gives her best one liner about guns, and in the most hilarious moment of the movie gets off the batpod by swinging her leg 60 feet in the air at a 7000 degree angle. this establishes:

(1) catwoman kills bane

(2) catwoman can kick and stetch like crazy

and i bet you think i'll spend more time on 1 than 2, but youre wrong:

(1) batman could have remote controlled the bat pod, he could have smashed his mask again, he could have called the bats to his rescue, robin could have rode the bike, taliah coudl have killed bane, catwoman killing bane was literally the most inconsequential thing ever. it didn't matter that it was her. she had NO CONFLICT with bane, no history, no established interest with him. All she did was turn her back on the revolution symbolically by killing him...but you know what he was going to kill batman (the sexual tension angle again) & blow up gotham (she has self preservation...wow).

(2) ok i lied, i spent more on 1, but i can't wait to see this scene again. i seriously thought that it must have been a manaquins leg that nolan swung in front of the camera for this dismount scene. what's worse is it probably was real, hatahaway probably trained really hard for that scene and super nailed it...so much that it was the most fake thing in any of the 3 batman movies by a LOT.

so now we are down to:

a do they fight better together? (again they didn't kill bane together, or via any specific feature of catwoman)

b are they gonna fuck or what?

3 scenes left. In this extended scene/sequence batman and catwoman blow up a lot of tumblers establishing:

(1) tumbler blow up real easily when shot with whatever gunt he bat pod has

(2) air forces (the batwing) are inconsequential without a good groun assault (cat and batpod)

(3) they fight good togehter with batmans toys


(1) WTF, this was so stupid. first it has nothing ot do with catowman, but i had to mention the dumbness of this. the tumblers cannon does no damage to the batpod but the batpod's cannon (which is the tumblers cannon if you recall) blow up the tumbler with ease...stupid

(2) again, nothing to do with catwoman and...wtf. why couldn't the batwing have the batpods gun? seems an easy enough upgrade, then he could have just shot those things to hell

(3) ok, but from point 2 it easily could have just been him doing everything. this was the last time they fought together.

2nd to last scene where she kisses him:

(1) hey these guys could date she respects him!

and my thoughts are:

(1) so she was batman's love interest all along!!! wait...his love for her didn't alter ANY of his actions so far, didn't affect the plot, it only mattered to her.

ok so we got rid of them fighing together mattering, and does it matter that they are sexually compatible?

final scene at teh cafe:

(1) wayne is incognito with selena kyle

the final rebuttal:

(1) it seriously could have been any woman. it didn't matter. he's with a woman alfred is happy, he's alive. maybe, possibly, somehow you could convince me that he found a lifelong companion...but he didn't. we know they won't work out.

So that's it, the sexual tension didn't pay off either, nothing is left as an open question as to wheter she was useful or not..and thus she wasn't. So all those it's only important if she's important points are also disqualified.

And now that i've proven catowman was worthless, and the movie would have been the same without her, i've shown you why you didn't like that movie but couldn't quite figure out why: the fat! catwoman was fat that needed to be trimmed to make a super tight clean important movie. she detracted from the other characters by virtue of not being important, she stole story & screen time from the better characters (ahem BANE, lucious, alfred) and the entire movie suffered because of it.

I hope that one day we see a fan project version of this movie where catwoman has been eradicated from the entire film. I guarantee you'd be happier with that film.
On The 166th Day of the 2009th Year DrDaMour Wrote
for most of my life i've tried to be a generous friend. It may not always exactly equate to money, but none of my friends have had to cover very much when they hang out with me or need help.

so now i have bachelor party coming up. It's gonna be pretty awesome, cause i'm indirectly directing it. shit is going to happen, that you can't even imagine, only because what's going to happen is the type of thing that you never knew you wanted, but once you hear about it, you're gonna be like, wow, i wanna do that.

But, dozens of friends are being total assholes when it comes to it. why? i dunno....recession? depression? cheapness? lameness? i dunno. I may catch a ton of flack for this post, i may lose friends, but....jesus, if any of my friends asked for 100$ for their first bachelor party (and in my case only, which everyone knows) they'd get 200$, immediately. even if i couldn't make it.

maybe i'm just being a bitch, but some of the way people have responded really pisses me off. I mean, seriously, this is going to happen once, ever, in your entire lifetime, You can't shed a few dollars from the extra budget for it?

For those who didn't think twice, i thank you. It doesn't mean you are better friends, but it does mean i respect you as a person more.

And if anyone wants to get involved, get a hold of me, cause trust me, this is gonna be unique.
On The 75th Day of the 2009th Year DrDaMour Wrote
Oh please oh please, let FizzBin become a mega meme!
On The 17th Day of the 2009th Year DrDaMour Wrote
So i was watching this video about tunneling PUT and DELETE requests inside of a POST request and they had this DAO that had this method called put, but the guy said it was really an "upsert" method. He described upsert as a function that would determine if the supplied data existed in the persistence layer (the DB in his case) and if so, it would use an UPDATE method, otherwise it would use an INSERT method.

I've written most my DAO's like that for a long time (as i'm sure many have), but i've always referred to it as an INSERT OR UPDATE command, and usually my method is called "Update", but from now on, i'm calling it Upsert!
On The 351st Day of the 2008th Year DrDaMour Wrote
i got linked to http://www.sec.gov/news/press/2008/2008-85.htm and http://www.sec.gov/spotlight/xbrl.shtml and i found it pretty interesting. It's about time that government bodies force data to be presented in a standard way. I voted for this type of thing on http://ideas.obamacto.org/

Once some standards start showing up, i really think you'll start to see some excellent applications be developed from the strangest sources.
On The 211th Day of the 2008th Year DrDaMour Wrote
So i was reading the bestselling albums list, and i was thinking, at 10$ an album, you could buy 50 million albums for 500 million dollars. It's a shame that the #1 album is what it is, something more unique and creative should be at the top. Perhaps one of the worlds billionaires should make a decision and take the top spot with exactly what they want, i'd suggest just pumping dark side to the top.
On The 170th Day of the 2008th Year DrDaMour Wrote
So hell yeah: !!

I find it truly awesome that the old world has truly caught up to America. our blank slate natural resource advantage has basically ended. The world has caught up, and it shows in their taste of films. How did America forget how terrible the last Hulk movie was?
On The 154th Day of the 2008th Year DrDaMour Wrote
Well i've been actually (and finally) getting some comment spam, which has forced me to look for a commenting service. The newest & hottest one seems to be disqus, so i'm going to attempt to integrate it in this site.

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